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The Yishu 8 China Prize

In March 2013, and thanks to the support of the company Foundation  Hermès then the house of Guerlain, Yishu 8 has opened its residency program to young Chinese designers. The house has also initiated an action with the CAFA. Two young Chinese winners are chosen each year to come and work in a workshop at Yishu 8 and exhibit their work.

This award promotes the young Chinese scene by welcoming artists to Beijing in a Franco-Chinese context and giving them the opportunity to have their first individual exhibition.

Young artists in their final year at the CAFA can submit their files and then 12 artists will be selected to be presented in a collective exhibition at Yishu 8. The announcement of the two winners of the Yishu 8 Prize takes place during the opening.

Just like the French artists hosted in Beijing, the winners of the Yishu 8 China Prize will be able to benefit from the provision of a studio, the assistance in the production of works and an individual exhibition at the end of their residency. The residency takes place in two stages, which allows us to accompany two Chinese artists over approximately 9 months. It includes cultural awareness, the French cultural landscape and French language courses.

A partnership with the City of Paris has allowed the Laureates of the Yishu 8 China Prize to reside at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris for several years, where a studio-housing is available to them for a period of two months._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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The members of the jury

Yishu 8 China Prize Winners

2019: Cai Yaling

2018: Ouyang Sulong

2017: Zhang Ruyi

2016: Geng Xue

2015: Wang Enlai & Fu Xiaojie 

2014: Peng Yong & Li Ying

2013: Ju Ting & Ou Ming

Founding Patron of the Yishu 8 China Prize

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Yishu 8 China Awards Exhibits

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