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Artist residency 


The Beijing Yishu 8 Arts Center welcomes three French winners of the Contemporary Art Prize each yearYISHU 8 - France. This residency is  an opportunity for these artists to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and nourish their work with new influences.

In the reciprocity of these exchanges, Yishu 8 has also created the Contemporary Art Prize YISHU 8 – China and the Golden Phoenix Chinese Crafts Award. The winners are invited to stay at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris to discover French culture in depth.


Creation platform

YISHU 8 is housed at the gates of the forbidden city, in the former Franco-Chinese University in Beijing. This university was created in 1920 by Cai Yuanpei, Minister of Education of Sun Yatsen,


The Yishu 8 House of Arts, is an artists' residence which hosts exhibitions, conferences and concerts. It raises public awareness of contemporary creation and a certain art of living. Moreover, Yishu 8 invites  all the visitors to meet each others and more specifically the two cultures, French and Chinese, that have become accustomed.  

In Paris, YISHU 8 inaugurated Aunt Martine's, a space for conversations and encounters bringing together young artists, designers, art lovers and authors in residence, to offer moments of discovery in the intimate setting of a Parisian flat.

In Beijing, as in Paris, YISHU 8 creates quality exchanges, unique artistic creations, eclectic cultural programs and innovative Franco-Chinese projects.


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Our current patrons

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