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1. Who is the program for?

The residency program is aimed at the young generation of artists and critics residing in France, who can attest to a career in the making or a significant one.

  • A Chinese artist present on the young French art scene

  • A young French art critic

Two consecutive periods of residence envisaged as a laboratory and a meeting space between two disciplines (plastic art and art criticism).

Common objectives: 

  • Encourage an unexpected meeting between artist and critic in order to provoke exchanges and new ideas.

  • Offer a pleasant, warm and unique working environment in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

  • Provide a quality Franco-Chinese network .

  • Offer visibility by communicating on our French and Chinese social networks.

  • Allow residents to organize professional meetings within the apartment (the association undertakes to provide all the reception conditions necessary to guarantee health security)


For the artist: 

  • Be accompanied in its production stages and in the management of its appointments. 

  • Offer him the opportunity to make a presentation at the end of his residency time.

  • Exhibit his works to an art critic and benefit from a text on his work. 


For the review:

  • Allow the discovery of a Chinese artist and produce a critique of the work exhibited by the Chinese artist previously in residence.

  • Create a professional research opportunity, pursue personal work in a quiet place in Paris.

  • Open your network to the Chinese artistic scene and cultural institutions. 

2. What are the terms of the program? 

Applications are individual. 

The pair will be formed by the selection committee, with regard to the relevance of the work of the artist and the prospective critic.



End of the call for applications: January 31, 2023

Residency dates for the artist:

March 13 to April 09, 2023

Residency dates for the critic:

April 03 to April 16, 2023

Residency dates may be slightly flexible.


Yishu 8 provides: 

  • A workshop / accommodation in the heart of an apartment in the 8th arrondissement (2 minutes from Parc Monceau). Residents benefit from a bedroom, a workshop or office space, a shower room and shared access to the kitchen.

  • Office automation and small tools

  • Support from the Yishu team 8 

3. Constitution of the file. 


The application file must be sent by email to before January 31, 2023 (subject of the email: CANDIDATURE RESIDENCE TANTE MARTINE) and must include:

A file (in pdf format) including:

- An updated CV

- A portfolio / A corpus of texts 

- A short note of motivation 


5. What is the selection process? 

An advisory commission composed of a representative of Yishu8, an art critic and an artist will individually study the application files. 

Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email. Unsuccessful candidates may make a request for clarification concerning the reasons for the rejection of their file.

For any questions:

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